Monday, December 8, 2008

Books I want to have

As I mentioned in a previous post, Danny Gregory has come out with a book that I can't wait to get, An Illustrated Life, which includes sketch images from artists of all stripes and should be inspirational in addition to a feast for the eyes.

I have also come across a new book that looks very interesting, Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations. A first book by Susan Tuttle, an artist living in Maine. She has come up with a very creative way to market her book and create buzz on the internet. Ms. Tuttle has launched a contest whereby bloggers who visit her site can have a chance to win a copy of her new book if they mention the book and contest on their blogs. And though that is an incentive for me to post about the book here, I am very interested in seeing what looks to be a beautiful book and another source of inspiration to draw from.


Showing up for the Muse said...

I want these books too! Love that you are so generous with your ideas and insights. THANKS

Parka said...

An Illustrated Life...

Have been reading lots of good reviews about this book. Can't wait for my copy to arrive.