Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Blue Goat

Here is another painting from the farmers market show. This pregnant goat was in the cage with the pig (mentioned in a previous post). The sign above her read, "goat - $100." I worried about her fate as I did the pig in this urban setting. I named this painting "Blue Goat" for obvious reasons but also to reflect the mood of this terrible situation for this unfortunate being and her cagemates.

UPDATE - This painting is sold

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday's Opening

Here's a detail of one of four of my paintings in a local group show entitled, "Interpretations of a Farmers Market." This gentle pig is the same subject that I used for the aquatint etching previously posted. The pig was in a cage at the farmers market and I was struck by the fact that the pig and other animals in the cage (goat, chickens) were not given straw to lie down on and were subjected to grabbing by people surrounding the cage.  The animals were for sale and I couldn't understand why since the market is in an urban setting.  

I am awaiting photos from the opening and will post them when I get them. The opening was a success with quite a crowd buzzing through.  I find it interesting to see the different kinds of people who will come to an art opening. It seems to be a mix of artists, friends of the exhibitors, other gallery owners, local townspeople like the mayor, and, to a lesser extent, people who are looking to buy art.  

I often wonder what's going on in people's minds as they look at art and mull over what they see.  Sometime, if I'm lucky, an observer will volunteer his or her interpretation of my work. This is always thrilling to me, whether or not the interpretation is similar to my original intent or concept when creating the piece.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Milkweed Time

My sister and I headed upstate to the Rhinebeck area to see a friend's open studio as part of an open studio tour happening up there. It was great to see James and his wonderful studio and he helpfully guided us to other notable studios participating. One, in particular, was that of a glassblower who's work was reminiscent of Chihuly and his demonstration of how he works was really fascinating.

I had noticed while driving up to his studio that he had a magnificent stand of milkweed right at the edge of his property.  I took my camera and photographed as much of it as I could since milkweed is one of my favorite subjects.  I love how the seeds burst from the pod using the wind to help them escape and fly away to the wild beyond.

Above the photo is an example of a milkweed woodcut I did last spring.  I plan to experiment with some etching techniques using this subject for a series.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Interpretations of a Farmers Market

My work will be in a group show, a mixed media exhibit,  "Interpretations of a Farmers Market" in Peekskill, NY at Gallery 25 N, 25 North Division Street.  The opening is October 25th from 2-6 pm.  Gallery hours are from 1-6 October 24-26 only. It's sponsored by Artists on the Loose, a local Peekskill art organization.

This very gentle and affectionate pig was in a cage at the market. I call this etching "Uncertain Pig" because he was for sale and I worried about his fate. 

Artist jumping in

After being a devoted blog reader (mostly political and art blogs), I am finally starting my own blog. I plan to post new works in printmaking and painting as I create them and I hope to get feedback that will help me grow as an artist. I am a painter and avid sketcher but currently most of my time is devoted to printmaking. I tend to get completely engrossed in my work when in the printmaking studio and the world and its troubles fall away. The whole process of creating a drawing and seeing the metamorphosis of it as I work through various printmaking techniques fills me with a deep satisfaction that seems so unique to this process.

I hope to use the blog to not only post my artwork but to discuss my exploration into the ways that art is made and how I hope it will be an ever expanding and enlightening practice. I also plan to try and clearly explain the different ways that I produce my print artwork for those who are interested and to learn from people who have used and/or experimented with similar or other processes.

Please offer your comments and questions and I will do my best to respond to them.