Thursday, October 21, 2010

After a long while

10" x 6.5" lithograph

Sorry for the very belated post. My schedule has been insane and I've been struggling to fit sleeping and eating into my school schedule, so the blog was neglected for a bit. But I'm back, hoping to close the gap in between posts.

The above lithograph was my first attempt at this medium. I used a stone for this particular print and I must say that I like the texture and freedom to scratch back into the image when using a lithographic stone. I need to practice a bit to avoid the filling in of detail that happens frequently when etching the stone but I am attracted to the variation in tone that can be achieved using litho crayons and tusche.

I will post a more recent 2-color plate lithograph when I have it back from my professor, but I wanted to be posting again and I thought I'd use this one to get started.

I'm on a tight schedule and I do need to get back to work now, but I hope to record experiences at school in upcoming posts (sooner rather than later).