Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My first semester in grad school

School turned out to be much more intense and demanding than I had originally thought it would be. I had hoped to keep an online diary of my progress on this blog throughout my grad school experience but I felt like I barely had time to sleep and eat, let alone do anything beyond the endless assignments required of my first semester.

I had expected more time to develop my ideas and explore new media such as lithography (an example of my latest lithograph is pictured above). And though I did learn how to create lithographs, I expect it will be a while before I will really feel comfortable enough with the medium to embrace it as fully as I do etchings and monotypes.

I am hopeful that the next semester and 2nd year of school will prove more flexible in allowing me to develop my work more independently as I had before I enrolled in this program. I also hope to be able to follow through on my resolve to discuss my new printmaking discoveries on this blog during the school year. It has been disappointing that I was unable to so this past semester.

So to all happy holidays and I will try to check in again after the new year if not before then.