Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monotype Addiction

Plate Size: 8" x 10"

When I just want to get into my studio and work spontaneously I've been turning more and more to monotypes to get my creative juices flowing. I find the work addictive since it's such a fast and satisfying way to produce a print. It's also a way that I can quickly experiment with different ways to ink the plate and helps give me ideas for other printmaking media. 

I also find that I can be much more emotionally expressive with my monotypes. My work is based on an empathy with non-humans and I feel it's important for the personality and energy of the subject to come through. Monotypes are so much more spontaneous for me than painting and it's obviously much more in the moment than etching.

The above monotype is part of a series that I am working on about the plight of animals in zoos, circuses and laboratories.


Amie Roman said...

Monotypes are great for getting the juices flowing - they're so inspiring! This is a great piece.

Amie Roman said...

Elana - you might be interested in participating in the monotype "how to" posting opportunity suggested by Carol Nunan on her blog Carol's Original Prints.

spiderink said...

Thanks for the heads-up Amie. Great post on your blog, by the way. Your prints are wonderful.