Friday, October 17, 2008

Artist jumping in

After being a devoted blog reader (mostly political and art blogs), I am finally starting my own blog. I plan to post new works in printmaking and painting as I create them and I hope to get feedback that will help me grow as an artist. I am a painter and avid sketcher but currently most of my time is devoted to printmaking. I tend to get completely engrossed in my work when in the printmaking studio and the world and its troubles fall away. The whole process of creating a drawing and seeing the metamorphosis of it as I work through various printmaking techniques fills me with a deep satisfaction that seems so unique to this process.

I hope to use the blog to not only post my artwork but to discuss my exploration into the ways that art is made and how I hope it will be an ever expanding and enlightening practice. I also plan to try and clearly explain the different ways that I produce my print artwork for those who are interested and to learn from people who have used and/or experimented with similar or other processes.

Please offer your comments and questions and I will do my best to respond to them.


Showing up for the Muse said...

Oh- This is awesome! I love your work and can't wait to follow your newest thoughts and creations. Bravo!

Pixiewinkle said...

Looking Good;)