Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another in a series

"Lab Animal"
Plate size: 15" x 11 3/8"
 Monotype on Rives BFK

This is another monotype that is part of a series that I'm doing on primates used for vivisection in the labs. My work on these monoprints has been difficult in two ways. Firstly, and more poignantly, I have to work through the anger and disgust that I feel at the scientists who torture primates, sentient and sensitive cousins to our species. And secondly, I have work through my learning curve in creating monotypes. 

I can see that I am getting better at this as I work, but it does get frustrating when they don't all come out as well as I'd like. Hence, the previous post on what to do when faced with that particular challenge. You may also want to read the comment that Aime Roman made on my last post. She offers some good advice about other media to use besides pastels on monotypes. 

And by the way, kudos to Aime for making the list of 50 Incredibly Inspiring Printmaking Blogs!


Amie Roman said...

Thanks Elana. I think your series is really powerful, and as prints themselves, demonstrate a remarkable amount of skill and sensitivity with the medium. Keep it up - while it's an upsetting theme (and I appreciate why you're exploring it in your art), I'm very much enjoying your work.

Anonymous said...

Your prints are incredibly powerful. I am sitting here weeping for the animals.