Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Watercolor Monotype Experiment

For the Rodeo
Watercolor Monotype, ©2012, Elana Goren

This is the plate for a monotype where I had experimented with not putting gum arabic on the plate in the area above the horse's head. Every thing else went onto a gum arabic layer on the plate. When I printed this, only the thickest paint printed on the top (uncoated) part but most of the paint didn't transfer much at all. This is how I learned that precoating the plexiglass with gum arabic is a crucial step in this process (see last post for more info). I don't have a picture of the print at the moment but I will post it when I do.

UPDATE: Here is the 1st print from this plate. As you can see, the color above the horse's head is mostly lost.
For the Rodeo
Watercolor Monotype, ©2012, Elana Goren

And this is the ghost print (2nd print from same plate) in which I added more color to the plate before printing it again, as well as a charcoal drawing to the print.

Watercolor Monotype and Charcoal, ©2012, Elana Goren

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