Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pronto plates and Z-Acryl

A friend of mine, fellow painter and printmaker, Kevin Kall, sent this link to me and I thought I'd share. There is a wonderful video demonstration by Mirka H showing printing process with a Z-Acryl plate. I just wish there was a closeup image of the final prints made. I am curious about this process since it allows one to make lithographic prints on an etching press and with a lot less complexity in preparing the plate then with traditional lithography. I haven't tried this myself but I'd be interested if anyone who has would like to leave a comment and/or more links related to this process.


Justin said...

I saw these too, I thought they looked very promising. I linked to you post from my blog.

Amanda said...

This is interesting. I've done this type of thing using gum arabic and a photocopy, but you can only usually get 1-3 prints before the paper disintegrates. It's also takes a while to work the gum arabic into the paper properly. This looks much quicker, especially if you do want to do an edition. Thanks for sharing!

mirkah said...

I have a closeup on my website I also posted a new Z-acryl article today about testing with different mediums on the plates.